About Us


Stay Informed:

R.I. Thunder keeps the  hockey community up to date on the latest hockey news and information with our monthly e-newsletter.

Our Facility:

Our facility is a state-of-the-art ice skating and entertainment center. Since opening seven years ago, we've quickly become a community gathering location for friends and families alike.

We're dedicated to you and to the game.


Our Mission:

R.I. Thunder was founded over seven years ago with a single goal: to offer safe, fun, competitive adult hockey to anyone desiring to play. Our league strives to provide a structure that’s conducive to meeting this goal of fair and safe play. Each year, our committee reviews and evaluates current league rules and procedures to ensure we are offering the best and safest experience possible for each player. We then incorporates any updates that have been adopted by the league into our R.I. Thunder Player Handbook.

Team Formation:

Players are assigned to teams based on skill level to create teams of even strength. We understand the desire to formteams based on friendships and convenience and we give consideration, and accommodation when possible, to players requesting to be on the same team. However, we also have a responsibility to make games fair and competitive. Therefore, we reserve the right to move players or whole teams into more appropriate skill levels, if necessary.